Enter The Prayer Room


Friends, we are living in a very serious time in life where if you never needed the  Lord before, you sure do need Him now.  You need Him every day and every hour. Things are getting from bad to worse. The unsettle situations in the world are signs of the times. 


We are at the edge of a terrible emergency.  Time is running out yet few understand it.  We are approaching the final crisis.  I believe a climatic event is about to take place and we cannot afford to go under.  Keep your wants, your joys, your sorrows, your tears, your fears, and your cares before God.  You and I can never, weary or burden Him. He loves us with an everlasting love Jeremiah 31:3.  He is very pitiful and of tender mercies.  His heart of love is touched by our sorrows. James 5:11.

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He can heal the broken in heart Psalms 147:3. Take to him everything that perplexed your heart or mind.  Nothing is too great for Him to bear. Remember,  He is the one who holds up the world and keeps every planet and stars in its place.  Now that you have entered the prayer room with confidence and hope in your heart you will receive your blessings and feel all your cares and burden be lifted up.  Burdens are lifted at Calvary at the foot of Jesus.

This OPEN DOOR is your hope to glory.  Enter in with an opened mind and the desire to be changed and saved. This invitation is to all.  John 3: 16 For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

 Don’t let the Devil suggestion keep you from following Christ, coming to the cross and taking the position in prayer.  Prayer is to the soul what water is to life.  The conflict between good and evil is going on and will continue until Jesus returns and put an end to it.  

   Intercede for others in private prayers. Pray for your relatives and friends. Pray for blessings in order to bless others. Selfishness is a terrible sin.  Strive to walk in the light of Christ. Read your bible daily.  If you don’t have a bible borrow one from a friend and purchase one later. Let the word of God transform you.

  Pray especially in your mind at all times asking God to change your life and save your soul. Ask for forgiveness and victory over bad habits and the wrongs you have done in your life. Be sincere and God will answer your prayers. We need prayer in order that we may have strength to overcome our temptations.  Jesus will hear the most simple prayer for forgiveness. 


JESUS SAYS my son my daughter give me thine heart. He says in Isaiah 1:18 Though your sins are as scarlet He shall make them as white as snow…  He will cleanse you with His precious blood. Remember,  prayer keeps us connected with Christ.  And private prayer helps us to become personally acquainted with God.  We are told that Satan and his host trembles at the sound of prayer and that PRAYER is a weapon against Satan. We are also told to beware how we neglect secret prayer and the study of Gods’s word (the Bible). 

Prayers and the word of God are our weapons against Satan who is trying to prevent us from going forward with Christ and heavenward. Jesus who once dwell among men was always in prayer.  Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 Ask and it shall be given unto you…  MY favourite writer wrote, “We are to have a spirit of compassion toward those who have trespassed against us, whether or not they confess their faults”.

 However, surely they may have wounded us we are not to cherish our grievances and sympathise with ourselves over our injuries, but as we hope to be pardoned for our offences against God we are to forgive all who have done evil to us”.  Jesus says be ye kind one to another forgiving one another. So here we have it, we are to forgive others in spite of whatever wrong they may have done us. When we forgive others God will also forgive us.


 Friends,  Jesus is the way the truth and the life.  Only those who have a hiding place in Jesus will be safe and saved.  The son of God gave all,  life and love and suffering for our redemption.  Do you WANT heaven and to be forgiven and have peace?  then come to Jesus now.  Money cannot buy it, intellect cannot procure it, wisdom cannot attain to it, we cannot hope by our own efforts to secure it.  But God through Jesus offers it to you as a gift.  WITHOUT MONEY and WITHOUT price.  It is yours if you will reach out your hand and grasp it TODAY.

  Jesus is ready and waiting.  He is our High Priests. Jesus is in the Most Holy place in heaven pleading on our behalf so that we can receive forgiveness from all our sins. His time is limited. He will not be pleading on our behalf forever. Therefore, be in the spirit of prayer for yourself and for others at all times.

Why?  Because the hand of God’s own clock is pointing towards that midnight hour.  Let us be ready at all times because at the midnight cry we’ll be going home. The scriptures say no one knows the day nor the hour our Lord will come.


 At a time when we are least expecting it Jesus will step out of the Most Holy place, put on His Kingly robe, and come Down to claim His children.  But only those who are in the spirit of prayer will be in readiness for the Lord’s return.  And who keep His law and commandments.



Why don’t you reach out to Jesus today?  If you hear His voice harden not your heart.   As you reach out to Jesus pray the following simple prayer to open your heart to Him.

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  Dear Father,

Thank you for your wonderful words.

Thank you for your son Jesus

Thank you for giving your son to die for my sins

Lord, please forgive me for failing you and all the sins and wrongs I have committed against thee

I want to please thee and keep thy Law and thy commandments.

Please show me the way to the Church that keeps the true Sabbath.

 Enter into my heart today and take full control over my life

cover me now with the blood of Jesus and give me thy peace that I may not sin against thee but please thee in all things.

Now keep me close to the cross and help me to

understand your words and be what you want me to be.  Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering my prayers in Jesus name.  Amen!

 Honour  Obey   Love  Your  Bible  Because IBrings  Life Eternal

  Soon and very soon we are going to see Jesus He is the KING of KINGS and LORD of  LORDS

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   Together let us pray for each other and get ready. We can do all things through Christ who gives us the strength.


IT WILL BE TOO LATE when He (Jesus) arrives